Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is ISI diamond tool's life span when cutting graphite or ceramic?
When cutting graphite, ISI tools can last 12-20 times of a TiALN tool.  It varies
with the brand and type of the graphite, cutting condition and the machine
condition. When machining ceramic, it also differs from material to material.
One of our customers used our tools to cut ZrO2 and found the tool life was
more than 45-50 times of a TiALN tool.

2. Do you take custom orders?
Yes, we do.  Please contact for further information.

3. Can used diamond tools be reground?
Used diamond tools CANNOT be reground by diamond grinding wheel due to
the hard diamond coating of our tools.

4. Can diamond tools be used in steel milling?
No, it can't.  Diamond tools CANNOT be used to machine materials that
contain Fe, Co or Ni.  Doing so will change diamond to carbon.

5. What kind of material can your diamond tools cut?
Materials that are suitable for IDI diamond tools include:
  • Graphite
  • Ceramic in green state or pre-sintered: ZrO2
  • Composite material: glass fiber, carbon fiber
  • Plastics: PEEK, PBI...,etc.
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